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Whether you will be gone for a short weekend or for an extended absence, I will take care of your home while you are away. 

My Home Management services provides home owners the security and peace of mind in knowing that your property is being cared for!  I will stop in to thoroughly inspect your property inside and outside and provide my clients with monthly checklist reports and updates on your home. Services are tailored to meet the needs for each of my clients. I take privacy, security and confidentiality seriously.

  • Visually check the overall condition of the interior and exterior of the property
  • Visually check for pest intrusion
  • Check mail
  • Inspect all doors and windows to make sure they are all locked
  • Monitor windows for broken seals, leaks or mold
  • Check thermostat readings
  • If water is turned on, run water in sinks, toilets, run washer, dishwasher & garbage disposal
  • Clean toilets bi-weekly to prevent water ring
  • Visually check for signs of leaks in ceilings, windows and doors
  • Check garage, open and close doors to make sure they operating properly
  • Monitor Pool and Spas
  • Water Indoor/Outdoor Plants
  • Check landscaping for potential problems
  • Check decks, patios, stairs to make sure they remain clear
  • Turn on and off random lights upon request
  • Restock refrigerator prior to arrival (additional cost)
  • Adjust Heat/AC prior to arrival (additional cost)
  • Wash linens prior to arrival (additional cost)

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